Sports Handicapping Leads

Secure Pick Pay employs a blog network with several outstanding performing sites that gathers live call in sports handicapping leads. We can offer these leads to you to help your business build a clientele and grow. A live call in lead is much better than one you receive via email. Someone going off their computer to make a call is a bigger player and more serious bettor.

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Be suspicious of those companies selling existing leads. Often time those are no good as the phone numbers have been sold or traded numerous times and the numbers have been disconnected by the time you get to them. Once a lead is sold or traded it becomes dead. They have heard so many pitches the prospect becomes deaf to your offers. That’s why live phone in leads are like gold. You have them on the phone and have the great ability to build rapport, give your product presentation then close the sale and offer follow up. Since you took their call the first time your live phone in lead is much more likely to take your calls or receive your texts.

We understand that marketing on your own can be a bit of a challenge with a lot of your time spent of failing while searching for successful methods. We have spent years failing and have taken our successes from internet marketing and now are reaping the rewards of successfully targeting live call in leads for the sports handicapping niche. We are very skilled to get bettors to make the call. We have received feedback from handicappers giving us praise as we hand delivered targeted prospects for them. One of the challenges we faced while developing sports handicapping sites is helping our customers establish a client base quickly. Now we can with our lead service that gets your phone ringing.

Don’t give up your email marketing campaign. Continue with it as you will attract good leads that way. Most tend to be smaller players and will convert to smaller sales. You will get a few whales through email marketing. Remember this, those who bet big want to talk. The whales want immediate service and one on one attention. They want the special treatment much like you see with casinos managers who guide them through their stay at their property. Or like a stock broker who takes calls from their larger customers. Sports handicapping business is no different. The customers who are most willing to pay for your service will phone in.

There are many ways to market on the internet and some are time consuming. You will save countless hours in marketing efforts and now you will be in a position to just focus on handicapping the games, winning for yourself and the customers as well as closing the sale.


We have several plans to meet your budget. You may buy weekly, monthly, seasonal or prepay for phone line leads in bundles of 25 at a time. To order and for full information on the sports handicapping leads please call Secure Pick Pay toll free at 888-711-1185.